Past Events

13th October 2016 - The Recovery College - Dungannon
This concert was carried out by "The Voice of Recovery" and helps celebrate the National Health Trust's opening of a new Recovery College in Dungannon. The event was televised to help develop awareness of the college and "The Right Key", "Recovery Cafe" and "The Voice of Recovery" were very proud to support such an event.

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22nd October 2016 - Belfast Barge, 1 Lanyon Quay, Belfast
"The Voice of Recovery" are a live music and singing troupe based in Dromore. A collective of recovering alcoholics. Their performances are deeply moving and they told the story of addiction to recovery through the creative arts of poetry, music and composition.  

10th - 12th November 2016 - 4th Health and Justice Summit - Cardiff

 "The Voice of Recovery" supported the "The Voice of Release" at the 4th health and justice summit in Cardiff. This was to showcase the work carried out by "The Right Key" whereby singing workshops have been undertaken in Hydebank Wood College to help residents/students rebuild self-esteem and improve mental health. This has been proven without any doubt and self-harming within this group of residents has drastically decreased since the workshops started, proving that singing increases everyones wellbeing. So much so that we were asked to this conference to showcase the work carried out. The trip was amazing and very successful.  

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