The Recovery Cafe is owned and run by The Right Key (Lisburn) CIC.
The Right Key (Lisburn) C.I.C registration No. NI.614382
Registered Address: 1 Linen Court, Lamberg, Lisburn, Co.Antrim, BT27 4SG
Inc: 10th September 2012.
The Recovery Café is open to everyone in the community. We provide a friendly, safe social space. We particularly welcome people in the process of recovery from addiction. However we are not able to help you get sober, or off any other mood altering substances. We can however direct you to a number of organisations who can help and have the correct resources available, such as rehab centres, AA, NA, GA, Addiction NI and other governmental organisations.
We ask if you are in recovery, then you must be so 3 months and we ask you to be honest about this. Recovery should be an honest programme. 
We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their continued support:
  • All Service Users.
  • Big Lottery Fund.
  • TBF Ministries.
  • Irish Temperence League.
  • Arts Council NI.
  • Armagh City, Banbridge, Craigavon Borough Council.
  • Addiction NI.
  • All our Volunteers
  • All our Families and Friends of the Right Key.

The Old Schoolhouse

Recovery Café,

Grove Hill Road

Loughbrickland BT32 3NF,

County Down.

The Recovery Cafe

07949 418 408

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